Orpheus Theatre presents Mary Poppins Jr.

The Creative Direction team at Orpheus Theatre had only two weeks to prepare for their production of Mary Poppins Jr.  All hands were on deck and coordinated their efforts to allow for an extraordinary production for these young thespians!  Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire Mary Poppins Jr. Gallery of Images.

PMHS Garden Club '21

As I navigate the corridors in this, my final spring season at PMHS, I had the opportunity to take pause and glance at one of the many courtyards on campus.  Most are non-descript at best, though this spring day, I was captivated by one courtyard in particular that had received the attention of our Garden Club.  I had only my iphone with me, though I was drawn to capture it's beauty.  I put together this video montage as a tribute of appreciation to the students and faculty advisors for truly beautifying our campus...

Tri-Town Theatre presents Jekyll & Hyde

Tri-Town Theatre (Sidney, NY) presented Jekyll & Hyde under the Direction of Kate Murray (Rob Egan, Musical Director).  Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire Jekyll & Hyde Gallery of images.

Orpheus Theatre presents Spamalot

The Orpheus Theatre (Oneonta, NY) presented Spamalot at the Foothills Performing Arts & Civic Center (Directed and produced by Kerri L. Hogle & Tim Iversen).  Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire Spamalot Gallery of Images.

Orpheus Theatre presents Frozen Jr.

The Orpheus Theatre Starstruck Players (Oneonta, NY) welcomed the winter season with a sparkling  production of Frozen Jr. at the Foothills Performing Arts & Civic Center (Sarah Lynn Serafin - Director, Micaelina Velardi - Choreographer, Dan Chien - Vocal Coach).  Three incredible performances by these young cast and crew members delighted audiences of all ages.  Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire Frozen Jr. Gallery of Images.

Bronx Zoo Holiday Lights

The Holiday Lights  event at the world-class Bronx Zoo is without doubt a NYC must-see! Animal lanterns, animated sculptures and colorful designs are on exhibit throughout the park. Enjoy the video montage or click here to view the entire gallery of images.

Orpheus Theatre presents Elf the Musical

The Orpheus Theatre (Oneonta, NY) welcomed the holiday season with a spectacular, festive production of Elf the Musical at SUNY Oneonta's Goodrich Theater (Mary-Jo Merk - Director/Choreographer, Tim Iversen - Musical Director).  An amazing cast, musicians and production crew entertained and delighted audiences for these 35th season holiday performances.  Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire Elf the Musical Gallery of Images.

Bold Theatrics presents Matilda the Musical

Bold Theatrics  (Oneonta, NY) recently presented a superb, whimsical production of Matilda the Musical at SUNY Oneonta's Goodrich Theater under the Direction of Brooke Tallman-Birkett (Musical Direction by Tim Horne  & Choreography by Drue Quackenbush).  Community theatre is alive and well in the "City of the Hills." Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire gallery of images.

The Orpheus Theatre presents Mamma Mia! '19

The Orpheus Theatre (Oneonta, NY) recently presented an outstanding production of Mamma Mia! at SUNY Oneonta's Goodrich Theater under the Direction of Kerri Hogle (Musical Direction by Timothy Iversen & Choreography by Micaelina Velardi).  Kudos to this community theatre program which highlights local talent, making the broadway experience accessible to one of the northernmost cities in the Appalachian region of New York.  Enjoy the highlight video montage or click here to view the entire Mamma Mia! Gallery of Images.

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Island

A must-visit location on Long Island is the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island in Manorville.  I spent several hours on a tranquil and mild winter's-day, walking the paths, visiting the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Pilgrim Hall and Gift Shop.  I highly recommend a visit in any season for reflection, prayer or simply enjoying the beauty of the serene surroundings.  Enjoy the highlight of selected images video montage below or click here to visit my gallery to view all images and the high resolution video montage.

Anthony Celebrates 80 years of life, 60 as a Letter Carrier

A celebration of an eightieth birthday and sixtieth anniversary with the United States Postal Service...  Anthony's colleagues recently surprised him with a birthday bash at Taino Towers in East Harlem to honor all that he is and has been to their community.  How does one deliver mail for 60 years?  He loves the community and his USPS family!

"One Life to Give" is filmed on Long Island...

TBR News Media recently filmed "One Life to Give,"  a soon-to-be-released feature-length film which recants the events which led up to the formation of the Culper Spy Ring.  I had the opportunity to shoot a production day at Benner's  Farm in Setauket.  Check out the video montage below, or click here to view all of the production imagesClick here for more information about the film

Dr Paul Lam visits Long Island

Dr Paul Lam, family physician and tai chi practitioner and teacher for over 40 years, recently visited Long Island for a workshop in Stony Brook.  Dr Lam is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement.  The Long Island tai chi community was privileged, honored and overjoyed to experience this event.  Click here to view all of the images...

Hannah's Recital

As the culminating experience to Hannah's studies at the Crane School of Music, we traveled to Potsdam to attend her senior recital.  Words cannot capture the pride and joy experienced throughout the performance.  Her dedication to her studies and craft, combined with the outstanding support and opportunities provided at Crane, enabled Hannah to ultimately obtain the position of Choral Director at Westhampton Beach High School upon graduation.  We wish her well as she begins a new chapter...

Phish at The Mann

This August I found myself sitting, or shall I say "standing," amidst a sea of loyal Phish fans who flocked to The Mann in Philadelphia to attend a 3+ hour concert given by this incredibly talented band of musicians.  The group formed in Vermont in 1983 and are noted for their improvisation, extended jams, and combination of musical elements from a wide variety of genres.  It was well-worth the trip to Philly, and my 16 year-old son (a guitarist) highlights the experience as the "best day of his life..." 
Click here to view additional concert images...

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Hummingbird Encounter

Nice guys still exist... and Baiting Hollow is home to one of them.  On a spectacular property overlooking the Long Island Sound, Paul has created an environment which  attracts hummingbirds as they frequent our Island  during the summer.   This sanctuary is a labor of love which is shared by Paul for folks to enjoy by appointment only during the month of August.  Not only did I have the opportunity to capture these unique and beautiful birds, but received an education about their migration and behaviors as well.  Without doubt this experience was a highlight of my summer.  Thank you Paul...  Click here to enjoy my images.

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Mashmeet at NY Aquarium

Thanks to mashable.com for arranging the Under The Sea mashmeet to photograph the NY Aquarium.  A fabulous time was had by all and kudos to the NY Aquarium and Wildlife Conservation Society for having us!  Click here to enjoy my images captured at the event...

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It's all about the Strawberries...

Sunday was a beautiful day to celebrate summer and strawberries down on Benner's Farm in Setauket, Long Island (www.bennersfarm.com).   Cool weather, a light breeze, food, entertainment, demonstrations, farm animals, up close and personal experiences with baby bunnies and chicks.... and of course... strawberries... were the order of the day!  If you missed it this year be sure to bring the family next year to this annual event.  Click here to view all of my images captured at the festival.

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Never Ever After ...

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I recently had the pleasure of shooting my daughter's final performance as the Director of the SUNY Potsdam CLEAR Program, an after-school creative arts program for students in grades K-5.  The students worked very hard as a team writing the script, memorizing lines and developing skills in diction,  voice projection and stage presence.  The students had the privilege of performing their show in the newly constructed Proscenium Theatre, complete with costumes, scenery, props, stage lighting and live piano accompaniment.  There was even a "big kid" prince and a special surprise first-time cameo appearance at showtime... not even this unexpected change could rattle these fine young thespians.  What an incredible opportunity it was for these students to perform on a college campus with such professional resources.  The standing ovation at the conclusion of the performance was certainly well-deserved by these talented, hard-working students.  Click here to view my gallery of all of the images and a video montage.

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Mother's Day

Mother's Day at the Peconic River Herb Farm... an annual excursion which has become a tradition to celebrate my wonderful wife and mother of our three children.  Though we certainly missed having our two daughters with us as they are away at college, we still have our son with us for a couple more years.  It was indeed a lovely day to enjoy the spring sunshine, cool breeze and tour the grounds.  The day culminated with a picnic and an  afternoon of gardening at the Pawluk homestead. 

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The Peconic River Herb Farm

As Spring has hopefully arrived for good, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a gem of a location on the banks of the lazy, picturesque Peconic River which is not to be missed.    My family has been frequenting the Peconic River Herb Farm for over 20 years and we never tire of the experience.  If you wish to step away from the hustle and bustle of life for a few hours and commune with our good earth, this is the place to go...

The grounds are simply beautiful and the selection and quality of the plants and herbs are second to none.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and visitors always feel welcome to explore the gardens, greenhouses and garden shop.  In addition to plants and herbs,  goods for the garden and home  can be found in the two-story barn.

Click here to view my featured gallery of images that I have captured and be sure to visit in person to experience the beauty of the Peconic River Herb Farm for yourself.  You won't be disappointed!

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The Crane Touring Choir performs in Europe

This past May I traveled with the SUNY Potsdam, Crane School of Music Touring Choir on a ten-day European excursion with concerts at incredible churches & cathedrals in Budapest, Eisenstadt, Vienna & Prague. It was a privilege for me to travel with this exceptionally talented group of young men and women to share and document the experience.

The sights were breathtaking and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to capture the beauty of Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. I would highly recommend that every photographer add stops in these countries to their bucket lists.

Click here to view my gallery of images from the tour. Before you do, make sure you have some time to spend as there are over 800 images to peruse. Perhaps you'd like to make yourself a cup of tea to enjoy while taking in the sights... and sounds! Also included is a 20-minute video montage of a collection of images with the live performance voices of the Crane Touring Choir, dedicated to Dr. Rebecca Reames. The European Tour became a reality due to the efforts of Dr. Reames, Choir Director and Associate Professor of Music at the Crane School of Music. As she was unable to accompany the choir on the tour due to an illness, it is my hope that the montage and gallery images will provide a sense of shared experience as her presence was very much missed by all on the tour. A special thank you is also extended to Dr. Lonel Woods, Voice Chair and Assistant Professor of Voice, for leading and directing the choir in fine fashion!

Angel of Music - A Salute to Andrew Lloyd Webber

This past spring I received a call from my daughter who studies Voice and Early Childhood Education at the Crane School of Music and SUNY Potsdam. She had auditioned for and was selected to sing in a performance in Ogdensburg, NY with Broadway Legend Franc D'Ambrosio, Glory Crampton, Kevin Massey, Merideth Kaye Clark & Michael Tilley. I packed my bags and traveled 9 hours on a day's notice to witness this wonderful opportunity for my daughter.

Kudos to these talented Broadway performers who not only put on a spectacular show, but provided a master class for Michaela and two of her peers. What an opportunity for this trio to have received a wonderful sharing of experience, knowledge and talents.

Franc is best known as the "Phantom" in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera." He played the role for over a decade and has earned the distinction as the "World's Longest Running Phantom." Glory Crampton is known for her roles in "Phantom of the Opera," "The Fantastics," "Camelot" and "My Fair Lady." Kevin Massey has performed in "Memphis," "Tarzan" and "Big River" and Merideth Kaye Clark has graced the stage in "Wicked," "Twelfth Night" and "Meet Me in St. Louis." Click here to see all images from the performance.

Welcome to my blog !

Photography has been a life-long creative outlet for me since my parents first gifted me a Konica T4 35mm film camera at the age of 15. Back in the day there was no Photoshop or Lightroom to speak of, and my editing capabilities were reflected in my cutouts, rearranging, and swapping of body parts to create what I thought were humorous images, often to the chagrin of my family members.

In the following years life would continue to happen... college, careers, relationships and the day-to-day obligations of supporting and raising a family would occupy the majority of my time. In 2005 I jumped on the digital camera bandwagon with my purchase of a Konica-Minolta Maxxuum D5 and my passion for the art was reignited. With the digital age came the burgeoning interest in Photoshop and post-processing in general as a way of developing opportunities for creative expression as never experienced before.

For the past several years I have been honing my skills and study of light, composition, post-processing and a myriad of other topics. Enjoy reading and viewing my blog as a reflection of my experience behind the lens.

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